Happy Birthday to My Name…Tee Rage

3:33 this morning, October 17, 2018 marks exactly six years since the name that is Tee Rage woke me from a dead sleep and completely changed my life. As I reflect on the last six years I am completely humbled and in awe at what this dream has become. I had been asked by a few people to take some pictures of them and their families or take pictures of their kids. That seems to be the narrative for many of today’s photographers. But like so many times I always felt like I had more to offer than just taking pictures.

And so on the evening of October 16th, 2012, after a particularly rough day at the day job, I told my wife that I was going to start creating portraits as a side hustle. But the one thing I was adamant about was that they would be unique, unlike anything that anyone else was doing. I spent two hours trying to come up with a name for my portrait studio, because Rob Brown Photography just didn’t fit my personality. But after struggling for two hours I went to sleep somewhat defeated but determined that I would come up with a name that would fit the brand I would create. And in the middle of that night it came to me. And I have never thought twice about it or ever second guessed it.

I also was very deliberate that I wanted the brand to be it’s own face and that my face would not be what drove the brand. And it worked, very well! After the first three or four years people knew what a Tee Rage portrait looked like and many people were shocked when they realized that I was Tee Rage. And that was the point, the brand is known and recognized for the art that it is.

I did weddings, families, events, kids and seniors. And where I found my absolute passion is with high school seniors! The big misconception is that I am a sports photographer. I do photograph sports, not because I am a sports photographer but because I want these young athletes to have photos of themselves playing the games they love. I would have loved to have had photos of me playing ball when I was in high school. So I do what I can to fulfill that for them.

And yes, my sports portraits are awesome! But so are my fashion portraits. So don’t get bogged down with labels. I create art for my clients, period, the end! So don’t let anyone else tell you that I am just a sports photographer! I am a portrait artist and what I create for my clients is just that, art, moments frozen in time and printed to be hung on the wall for the world to see.

That’s my story, and for the last six years I have evolved gotten better and have had my technical skill catch up to my artist vision….

So until next time my friends, be extraordinary!

Rob, Tee Rage

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  1. Rob,
    Your art is AWESOME. You are the only person that has ever been able to get a real smile out of Syd during a photo session. We have loved all of your work and even though we don’t want to rush Senior year, I can’t wait to see what you create for Syd. Keep up the good work!!


    1. Thank you so very much Sandy!!! I don’t want to rush it either but I cannot wait to create something amazing with her!!!!

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